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by Foreign Hands

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released May 28, 2018

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Wyatt Oberholzer.
Music and lyrics by Foreign Hands.
Artwork by Tyler Norris.


all rights reserved



Foreign Hands Wilmington, Delaware


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Track Name: What's Left Unsaid (The Cure For Years To Come)
What’s left unsaid is the cure for years to come.
This blade is dull,
But I still bleed for you.

Time stands still
You are what’s killing me,
Slowly but surely
With each and every passing day,
I can feel myself slowly start to drift

Some things were never meant to be.
Our hearts burned and hardened like wax.
Me. You. We bled.

Sharp pain was every day digging deeper into the wound.

You are what is killing me,
Slowly but surely it seems.
Time stands still but I can feel myself start to drift.

A sharp utopia,
Pretending to feel.
Stuck day dreaming.
In a dying reality,
We bled.

What’s left unsaid is the cure for years to come.

Me. You. We bled.
Track Name: Laceration Wings
Judged by flaw.
The heart begins to rip.
Intertwined in a life of confusion,
Cursed with an eternity of suffering.

Unsettled day in,
Day out.
Sentenced by those who are different;
An eclipse of fear.

Judged by flaw.
The heart begins to fail.
And new days arise dawns of distress.
The feeling burns like June,
The sun carves out what’s left.

It’s what it feels to be me,
And I fall apart into ash.

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