No Funeral for the Spirit

by Foreign Hands

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released October 1, 2016

Drums, mixing, and mastering by Levi Miller of Front and Center Recordings.

Guitar, bass, and vocal tracking by Tyler Norris.

All music and lyrics by Foreign Hands.

Album artwork by Xavier Wilson.



all rights reserved


Foreign Hands Wilmington, Delaware


EST. 2009

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Track Name: 411
So far gone,
Yet I still have no home.
All the tears,
and all the rain still leave the same stain.
On the dead end of the street,
no one will ever know if I'm silent in my pain.
Track Name: The Only Son
My father envisioned his only son to grow into the man like himself,
To follow in his very footsteps,
To carry out his life long legacy.

He's moved on alone,
Leaving what he loves the most behind him.
The only son now must provide for his family.

When heaven seems out of your reach,
you'll start to realize that every man is his own hell.

To grow,
To follow,
To carry out,

He's moved on alone,
Leaving what he loves the most behind him.
The only son now must provide for his family.

Open your heart for endless clarity,
and be honest with yourself.
Because until then,
Life can still be beautiful without you here.

To grow,
To follow,
To carry out,
Track Name: Timeless River
Push yourself below the surface,
And when the current arches strong,
You lose yourself,
And lose your purpose.

To never regain conciousness,
To conform to where you belong.

Young and beautiful;
My world has fallen apart.
The same exact cobwebs that replaced your absence,
Still lie on my windowsill.
The dried roses that are still standing to be watered,
Have accepted their fate like I consequently have.
I fill it's vase with the tears I have mourned with,
In hope of them blooming again,
For a second chance.

I can still hear your song.

It's no surprise to feel lonely,
To be floating facedown in a timeless river.

There's no funeral for the spirit,
No song to bring you back again.
When depression hits deep,
I know that it hits your casket.
And in the end we all dig life,
Just to get buried.

It's no surprise to be floating face down.

I can still hear your song.
A funerary score of a simple man.

I have found myself unanchored.
Lose yourself.
Lose your purpose.
And I know you'll never understand,
But this is for my honest self and who I'm meant to be.
It's been countless years since I heard your voice,
but I'd like to hear you say,
"That's my son."
Track Name: Cheer Ct.
Sometimes I feel like a part of me was left behind in the place where I grew up nine years.
A small white house that fostered and nurtured a father,
A mother,
And three young kids.

Naive and innocent from the surrounding world.
Always wishing to be timeless,
To be forever young.

Someday we will grow old with our memories folded and sealed.
Little letters dated;
A correspondence of our youth.

And now I stand here,
With no one by my side.
I am abandoned,
And lost.

Give me back the summer scent,
When after rain hits the asphalt.

And now I stand here,
With no one by my side.
A bird never leaves it's nest without someone to follow.
Broken wings,
The higher you are the harder you fall.
And now it's time to find a new place to call home.

Give me back the summer scent,
When after rain hits the asphalt.
Give it all back.
(It's not the same and it will never be the same)

Give it back.
Track Name: Fade
We always looks to the future without ever knowing what it means.
We satisfy all the things we want while neglecting what we need.
We're distratced from our reactions,
We let the silence take a hold.
We're forgetting where we come from,
And what it means to be surviving.

If this is what it means to be truly living,
I want no part in this.
And some how getting through every day,
We think for ourselves.
Think for yourself.

Is this what you truly want,
To live your life between sorrow and misery?
This is the end of everything.

We're sleeping in a cold world that has long denied the light.
We isolate each other as we walk alone at night.
(We will all fade)

We will fade away.

We're sleeping in a cold world that has long denied the light.
We isolate each other as we walk alone at night.
We hate our reflections as we choke away our breath.
This is reality,
We will fade away.
Track Name: In Where Nothing Gathers
This may be the only chance I have,
To find myself in the midst of pursuing my dreams.
And I'll never find out until I try.

Worst comes to worst,
Everything I've worked for will be in where nothing gathers.
And no one can take the art in self expression away from me,
Or anyone.
The decision has been made clear from the start.

And I have no intention to stop to live in comfort,
Or for social status.

Within each and every person,
There's a starving artist who refuses to eat (who refuses to sleep)

I regret absolutely nothing,
and I hope I never will.
Because if I die knowing that I didn't live the way I wanted to,
I would never be able to rest.
Track Name: Closure
No God or jury could justify to what you did to those around you was right.
But if karma were to exist,
I'm glad that you got the best of it.

Have fun watching me from the other side,
Doing things that you'll never be able to do or experience.

You're not forgiven,
But most importantly,
You're not loved.

You will be crushed by the weight of your guilt.

And it's because of you,
I felt like the world was against me.
For being myself,
For being a good person.
It is something that you will never be able to accomplish.

But somehow you managed to do one thing right.
You were put in your place,
Lower than the meaning of your life;
Track Name: Bear
From the time that I was young,
I realized I had someone like you.
Someone who is strong in every way.
And over the past few years,
I've been trying to figure out a way to thank you for everything.

This is for you.

This is for everything you've made.
For the nights you cried yourself to sleep,
For the days where you wanted to give up.
Yet you still pushed through for us.

Hold fast,
and long live,
To the point of restoration.
Hold fast,
and long live.

Welts calloused over with the blood of the mother;
A sacrificial love found nowhere else in the world.

And I know for a fact that I
Wouldn't be who I am today without you.
Without your drive to move on,
I would be nothing.

And all I ever wanted to see was you to smile.

And when your days are dark,
We'll each light a candle,
Bringing back the light

Bring back the light.

You will never know,
You will never understand how much you mean to me.
Track Name: The Path of Suffering
You were supposed to grow up like your friends did,
And hooked up to machines in a room to spend your darker days.

You were pushing me away,
So I wouldn't get hurt on your passing day.

Am I a bad friend?
There was nothing I could do but to assure you that you'd be okay.

And I'm sorry for everything.
I was scared on where you'd be going soon.

Never again,
Never again.

The path of suffering is mine to take.
Track Name: Never Let Me Sleep
Never let me sleep.
I've killed my counting sheep.
I won't let you win until I lose to this.

So when the world ends I'll be there to watch it.
Everything I love will begin to perish.
All of my life I have waited for this,
To finally close my eyes so I can sleep again.

Am I really supposed to feel anything?
Never let me sleep.